Freight Village RU

First A class warehouse is nearly ready!

Freight Village Vorsino is finishing the construction of the first block of the complex “Cross-dock warehouses”. Warehouse building includes built-in administrative area and mezzanines; total area of the 1st block is 37 930 sqm. Warehouses are designed for storage of consumer goods and food without special temperature modes.

Technical characteristics:

Celling height – 12 m

Column spacing – 12 x 24 m

Load bearing – 8 t /sqm

The number of loading and unloading gates – 1/550sqm of warehouse space.

Loading and unloading docks are designed for load not less than 6 tones.

The construction works of the second block of the complex “Cross-dock warehouses” starts in April. Commissioning is planned for the beginning of 2016.


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